Hi, I am Marcelo Carocci. I am a History and Anthropology Instructor and a PhD Candidate in History of Science at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.

About Me…

I was born and raised in Brazil a long time ago, and immigrated to the US in the early 90s. I began college then, but did not finish my undergraduate degree until 2016. From the time I started college to my graduation in 2016, I was a ‘man of many parts.’ I worked in law enforcement, hospitality and logistics. In 2016, I was accepted into the graduate program in Anthropology at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, and finished it with a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology in 2018. That same year, I switched to Oregon State’s History of Science, and advanced to PhD Candidacy in History of Science in 2020.

“The human mind adjusts itself to a certain point of view, and those who have regarded nature from one angle, during a portion of their life, can adopt new ideas only with difficulty.”

– Antoine Lavoisier – “Reflexions sur Phlogistique,” 1783

Conferences and Presentations


Research Interests

My research interests are:

History of Medicine, History of Surgery, History of Public Health, History of Latin America, History of the American West, Civil War, Yellow Fever, Foreign Relations, Native Americans, The Pacific Northwest, US Army, Long 19th Century, Early 20th Century.


Brazilian Portuguese – Native

Spanish – Fluent (read/write)

Teaching Experience

US History – HST 201

History of Latin America – HST 105

Peoples of Latin America – Anth – 313

Comparative Cultures – Anth – 210